New Annoucements in Ethereum Classic’s Partnerships

ETC Labs announced several new partnerships to expand the growing collaboration between Ethereum Classic and Ethereum, and to strengthen both communities.ETCLabs is committed to greater collaboration between the Ethereum Classic and Ethereum communities. ETH and ETC share history, DNA, values, and increasingly, technical functionality. While ETC will remain as a Proof of Work (PoW) chain, there are ample opportunities to work together.


GITCOIN is integrating Ethereum Classic. In 2020, they will launch a regular series of bounties and hackathons that will be available to both the Ethereum and Ethereum Classic communities. This is the first cross-chain collaboration for Gitcoin. So we would like to give a warm welcome to Gitcoin to Ethereum Classic. This is ETC’s first platform integration for developers to crowdfund, and it advances technical projects with a trusted partner in the right way with the developer community. ” Everyone in the ETC Community is looking forward to work with the GitCoin team ” said one of the main developers working on the project


SWARM. ETC Labs will partner with SWARM, because they believe in their potential. SWARM addresses key questions in blockchain and we are aligned with the vision for cross-chain collaboration. We are confident in SWARM, and excited about the current roadmap. They will provide support and developer resources to the ETC team.


BLOQCLOUD. ETC Labs has partnered with Bloq to launch BloqCloud Connect for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. BloqCloud is a managed infrastructure service that will be available to both networks. The service will provide developers throughout the Ethereum Stack with a single API and end-points for DApps and wallets. It will be free for the first two years to developers, with enterprise service-level contracts also available.

ETC needs this kind of infrastructure in order to grow. Here at Cryptoway we are more than confident in ethereum classic’s potential. We are also looking at innovative ways that ETC can play an active role in addressing scalability issues on ETH. An immediate one is the possibility of using ETC as a short-term data availability layer, as raised by Vitalik on Ethereum Research this summer. With ETC’s 14 second block time and lower gas fees, this seems like a viable solution. LLVM infrastructure to support EVM, along with EWASM, making it a future proof toolchain for developers is a new project led by Alan Li from ETC labs .

ETC and ETH will be made more accessible to a range of developers because of its wide use and high quality. An alpha version is expected to be released within the next 2-3 months.

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